Two Brothers Hike in Rio De Janeiro

Morro Dois Irmãos also known as Two Brothers is one of the best hikes in Rio de Janeiro, boasting incredible views of Ipanema Beach and Rio's cityscape from the summit.

Rio de Janeiro is filled with amazing hikes and offers many attractions and places to enjoy for the traveler's of all types, however, if you are an adventure junkie and want to see some of the best views you should hike Two Brothers. Chances are, if you’ve seen an image of Rio, you’ve seen Dois Irmãos. Dois Irmãos means “two brothers,” named for their two peaks that rest between the neighborhoods of São Conrado and Leblon. If you’ve been to the beaches of Ipanema or Leblon, you’ve seen them peaking out in the distance.

The trail at Dois Irmãos is officially called Trilhas de Morro Dois Irmãos. The trailhead is located in Vidigal, a favela at the base of the mountain.

Getting to Vidigal

It is pretty easy! There are several ways to get to the entrance of Vidigal (known as Praça do Vidigal). Don’t worry, it’s impossible to miss the entrance to the favela. There’s traffic going in and out and a huge, busy community in the backdrop. Here’s a list of ways to get there:

Subway: Take the subway to the Antero de Quental stop and walk to the entrance of Vidigal from there. The walk will take about 25 minutes.

Bus: Certain bus routes, like TRO4/104, 2018 and 2334 stop at the entrance of Vidigal.

Uber: Uber is the most convenient way to get to the entrance of Vidigal. Have your Uber pull up right to the entrance.

To get to the hike we started in Copacabana beach then drove to the hillside of the favelas where the actual hike starts. Using the transport system that circulates through the neighborhood among the residents (moto-taxi or van), you will go to the top of the favela, at the starting point for the Morro Dois Irmãos hike. The hike takes an average of 40-50 minutes to the peak, and during the ascent, you will find the first viewpoint where you will see Rocinha, one of the largest favelas in South America. The views you can see in the photo are amazing!

Continue to the top of Morro Dois Irmãos for a breathtaking view of Rio's most famous beaches, including Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, as well as Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, and Corcovado. You may come across different types of butterflies, lizards, tropical birds and monkeys on the way up. The entire region is full of natural wonders and you will love every moment of the hike.

The hike to the mountain is mostly easy, but some parts are tricky where you have to be careful. The top of the mountain gives off dazzling views of places like Gávea, Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema, Lagoa, Corcovado, the Sugarloaf Mountain, Tijuca forest and also of the neighbouring regions. I loved the views and it was totally worth the 45 minute hike! These are great places to stop, take a rest, drink some water and admire the views. If you forget your water, then no problem. Halfway up, there is a vendor that sells water and other soft drinks as well as basic and simple snacks, including acai. It’s good to take cash with you in case you want to buy anything there.

After the hike, we walked through the favela and got lunch in the Vidigal community then explored the area getting to know the places where the residents live. There are also a few bars and restaurants you can stop in for a well-deserved caipirinha – Alto Vidigal or Bar da Laje are two that are great to check out. Highly recommend seeing this favela it felt safe and had fantastic views. You can either walk down Vidigal or flag down a moto-taxi, to head back to the entrance of Vidigal. We decided to walk down to see more of the favela and we did some shopping too. This hike was one of my favorite things in Rio De Janiero. I highly recommend it!