The 6 Best Restaurants in Medellin

Updated: May 3

The best restaurants in Medellín, Colombia, reflect the city's expanding culinary scene.

Medellin is a thriving metropolis with a vibrant food scene. The biggest surprise for me of the Medellin restaurant scene is its amazing value. Even the most expensive restaurants would be considered cheap in other big cities. The quality and serving sizes are not compromised nor is the service. Here are six restaurants that characterize that city’s rich diversity:


This restaurant in Medellin is a mix of modern European with some Colombian influences such as the amazing Chicharron. OCI.Mde creates a restaurant to enjoy with influences from all around the world, utilizing only the best quality natural and fresh foods. It’s a place where food, design, service, and music come together to create an immersive experience. It has a wonderful wine and cocktail menu that invites you to all-around experience a feeling of happiness.

2. Moshi Medellin

Moshi Medellín is an Asian-inspired restaurant. For all my sushi lovers I highly recommend this restaurant. Some of the delicious food I've tried include shrimp salad, ceviche, Korean fire chicken thighs, steamed buns, sushi and nigiri. Moshi Medellín also has an excellent cocktail menu, I recommend ordering a cocktail for the complete experience. It is located adjacent to Carmen in Medellín, with a second location in Cartagena's historic center, Moshi uses high-quality, locally-sourced, and sustainable ingredients.

3. Carmen

The menu melds Colombian flavors with a strong Californian influence. Carmen was born 10 years ago in a magnificent mansion in the Poblado area. Carmen‘s culinary concept combines modern and ancient techniques to create a menu that reflects Colombia’s diverse tastes and richness. Choose between a five-course Chef's Tasting Menu or an a la carte menu. Either way, you're going to find a lot of flavorful food placed in front of you.

4. Relato

This is one of my favorite restaurants and date spots in Medellin. It is located in Provenza and has amazing vibes. It feels like your walking into a Tulum, bohemian style restaurant when you arrive. Relato has a wonderful cocktail menu at the bar and a delicious food menu for lunch or dinner. The food is a latin, mediterranean, asian fusion and all the plates are very modern a long with tasty. I love ordering small plates so you can try multiple things here. You can't go wrong with anything on their menu or the fun vibes the restaurant brings you. Can't say enough good things about this one!

5. El Cielo

Adventurous foodies will find a feast for all the senses at El Cielo with the elaborate 11 or 20-course tasting menus divided into sensory “moments”, some no bigger than a single bite. This restaurant specializes in unique food, combining classic and avant-garde cooking skills. Every month, the chef, Juan Manuel Barrientos, changes his cuisine, which is provided in the form of tasting menus. Local ingredients are cooked with technical intricacy and artistic ingenuity on the El Cielo menu.

6. Mondongos

This spot offers generous portions of authentic Colombian cuisine and attracts a lively crowd of local diners. They are known for their house specialty of sopa de mondongo, a hearty tripe soup served with avocado, fried giant plantain, lemon and arepas, a Colombian corn cake. They serve the Bandeja Paisa classic – as one of the top restaurants in Medellin, this is probably the place to have it. Popular spot and lines can often be out of the door so make sure you come early to grab a seat.