Kinect The New Marketing Tool


The Kinect is not just for exercise and gaming it can be used for amazing trade show displays and in-store promotions, this technology can draw people into it. Its an amazing marketing tool it has the ability to let consumers try clothes on virtually and a person can be measured more precisely than from a tailor (Savitz). With the Kinect people can shop in their living room if the experience is intuitive and visually compelling it will provide the missing piece for such a new platform. Not only that but the traveling industry can provide tours of hotels and beautiful vacation spots along with stores such as IKEA can showcase furniture in digital models of customers living rooms (Savitz). As developers learn how the Kinect works they can build interesting applications and open doors for companies to differentiate themselves from  their competitors in this new environment.


The Kinect is transforming how people interact with computers, kiosks, and other motion-controlled devices and by the addition of Kinect for Windows it can do so much more now. It has open doors for several industries such as healthcare and physical therapy to retail, education, and training. Kinect has created an education license for products. A couple of ways it is being integrated into schools is by using the Avatar Kinect which uses motion tracking in Kinect plus facial recognition to give each student his or her own avatar, a real-time on-screen representation of the student. The avatar mimics the way that the participant smiles, nods, speaks, and gestures. The school gym classes are even utilizing the Kinect by setting up station rotations in the gym for physical exercise using Kinect Sports which they believe allows students self-expression, social interaction, and creativity. After-school programs are doing activities using kinect adventures, Kinect fun labs, Disneyland Adventures and many more educational games to keep the children active and engaged.


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