Crushing Your Cravings

We all have those days where we crave something sweet, savory, or just not healthy. And I am here to tell you that it is okay because it happens to the best of us and its ok to cave once in a while but not all the time. Over time I have learned how to crush those cravings and, if you cave I will let you know the least guilty treats.


A great way to eliminate your cravings is to somewhat incorporate them into your meals. Juice Plus offers great shakes in French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate that you can use as a breakfast meal or cut it in half and make a sweet dessert from either of those flavors. With being able to consume those flavors into something that provides you with a lot of protein, fiber and is low in fat with perks of being gluten and vegan. Many protein shakes or products like these are not usually vegan which makes then unique because some vegan food tends not to taste the best due to the limited ingredients but from personal experience these flavors of the shakes are so rich and flavorful! Since the shakes provide such a great rich flavor it allows you to satisfy your cravings by also eating or drinking some healthy. There are so many ways you are able to work with the shake packets not only by making shakes but also protein balls, ice cream dessert, or even hot chocolate! With such a variety of recipes it is such an easy way to crush those cravings by having something new to crave.


With putting your cravings to rest that can be difficult because who doesn’t love something that they should have, right? There are ways to eliminate those cravings by choosing something that will solve that craving but in reality be healthy. If you crave something sweet my choice of substitution would be greek yogurt (I like plain ,honey or coconut) and add some nuts for toppings such as walnuts, almonds to get a salty flavor and maybe a sprinkle of dark chocolate pieces. With that substitution you are able to eat something healthy while also fulfilling your sweet and salty cravings, this meal can be eaten any time of the time too! In other words sometimes you just have that specific food that you crave and have to eat and I am here to let you know of some great guilty treats. Dark chocolate is always a good option when you crave any sort of chocolate because it is high in nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber and is also vegan! Dark chocolate has a rich cocoa flavor without the milk solids added in milk chocolate creating that extra sweetness. There are many substitutes that you can make and eat to crush those cravings, and above are some of many options.


With having Juice Plus shakes, yogurt recipe, and dark chocolate, you are able to create healthy alternatives and substitutes for those pesky cravings. With trying to keep a balanced lifestyle with healthy eating and regular exercise, having those moments of guilty pleasure is ok as long as you know that it isn’t a regular thing and you have to earn the cravings you desire. So keep your head held high and continue to push through your weeks and remember there is always a healthy substitute and alternative for you guilty pleasures!

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